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Build a successful hybrid working team

Enhancing professional excellence training

These free courses will help your teams manage their workload and increase their efficiency whilst working as part of a hybrid team.

  • Access online training anywhere
  • Better integrate workers into an online team
  • Help your employees work collaboratively
  • Training delivered by videos, infographics and quizzes

What courses are included?

Facilitate Effective Meetings open close

10 minutes – Learn the best approach to hosting an effective and productive work meeting. This course will look at the ideal steps to take in starting the meeting, ensuring attendees work well as a group and how to conclude the meeting

Lead Meetings Remotely open close

10 minutes – Adopt best practices when starting a remote meeting such as triggering the attention of those present and initiating conversation.

Keys to set up a remote team open close

15 minutes – Form a successful remote team by adopting the four phases of the Tuckman team development model, forming, storming, norming and performing.

Plan your day in 18 minutes open close

18 minutes – Remote working has a host of unique challenges that require strict workload planning to overcome. In just 18 minutes, your team can learn how to set realistic goals, check progress and accomplish them in the most time-efficient way possible. This course is instrumental in helping your employees manage their daily workload, reduce stress and improve productivity.

Dealing with the impact of change open close

30 minutes – Changes can have a great impact on your team or your company, since people are usually not very adaptable to it. In this course learn how to deal with the impact that changes leave on your team.

Managing virtual teams open close

15 minutes – Virtual teams work independently on a shared organisational purpose, using a range of technologies to communicate and collaborate. This module looks at the benefits and challenges of working in a virtual team, the importance of a clear communication plan and the role of the manager in ensuring the team’s success.

Collaborative working module open close

15 minutes – This module explores the reasons for collaboration in the workplace, the different types of collaboration and the key to successful collaboration, including establishing a strong team and picking the right tools for the job.

Contributing as a virtual team member open close

18 minutes – In this course, you’ll learn how to develop the skills you need to be an effective member of a virtual team.