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THRIVEFREE ONLINE TRAINING Help your team thrive in the new era of work

  • Access anywhere, anytime
  • Assign training and track team completions
  • Online training with videos, infographics and more
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Hays Thrive is our new online training platform available completely free to all organisations, big or small, to keep their business moving during this time of unprecedented challenge; and ready to thrive when we come out the other side.

  • Access anywhere – online courses available to complete wherever your team is working
  • Training where it’s needed most – our Learning Management System helps you assign training, track your team’s completions and create your own training programmes
  • Engaging content – training comprises of videos, quizzes and assessments – frequently updated for relevance

Sign your team up today for our free training packages, and assign training to help them perfect their working practices in the office or at home, prioritise their wellbeing and learn vital health and safety tips.

Enhancing professional excellence

The world of work requires an agile approach. The training in this package will help prepare managers and workers to thrive, better deal with change, plan their working days whether in the workplace, working from home or a hybrid of the two.

Be your best self

Workers and employers both are under incredible stress at the moment, and whether your team is working from home or not, their physical and mental health needs to be their top priority. Our ‘Be your best self’ courses cover everything from yoga to stress management.

Your wellbeing and safety

We’re all doing our part to lessen the impact of working remotely and building team and individual resilience. Your wellbeing and safety training courses can help your team take steps to ensure their working environment is safe and to inform them on how they can safeguard their mental health and wellbeing during this challenging period.

Thriving in the new era of work

The world of work is changing rapidly, making it essential for professionals to effectively manage this change and communicate their challenges and success. Focusing on these two areas, the training in this package will help managers and workers conquer change, and prepare them to empathetically approach communication through even the most difficult conversations.